How to Know if Hiring is the Right Move

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 5


Should you hire a team member, or should you wait? Like many small business owners, you might be asking yourself this question. Today, you are going to learn if hiring is the right move.

In this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, we are breaking down the four signs that it’s time to hire your first or next team member. By properly evaluating what’s going on in your business, you’ll be able to determine if your company should continue as is or if the best move is to add the help your business is showing it needs.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How you can grow your business without working more hours.
  • Why waitlists are not a good sign in business.
  • How you can say yes to more of your ideal clients and projects.
  • The signs it’s time to hire your first or next team member.
  • Why it’s bad for business to put off hiring when you have a need.
  • How not having enough time will stunt your business’s growth and what you can do to gain more time.

Next Steps:

Are you overwhelmed by work and ready to hire help?

You’re stuck in the cycle of having enough work to be successful but not enough time to serve all your clients AND grow your business.

You know you need help, but you’re not sure what help is worth your investment. 

You need the three-part method for finding the right team member who will save you time and earn you more by getting the right work off your plate.

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