Finding the Best Freelancers

with Micala Quinn

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 6


Finding the best freelancers and contractors to fill the openings in your business can be a daunting task.

Unlike with hiring employees where you can post on the right job board and have candidates come to you, for freelancers and contractors, you typically have to put a lot of time and effort into the search. 

So, how can you find the best freelancers and contractors? Well, you can spend hours searching websites hoping that your perfect-fit team member ranked high enough in the search to be seen, you can post in a business Facebook group and get endless comments and messages (many unqualified and not offering any services close to what you need), or you can take the easy route.

Micala Quinn developed a way to connect business owners to their perfect-fit freelancers and contractors, and in this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, she’s telling us all about this plus more information that you should know before hiring with freelancers and contractors.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Micala’s journey and how helping friends inspired her to help business owners connect with freelancers and contractors for free. (9:30)
  • Why hiring freelancers and contractors is not as easy as posting on a job board. (13:25)
  • Micala’s method for figuring out what kind of help you should hire. (19:42)
  • How Micala learned to give up control of tasks she thought only she should do, so she could better serve her clients. (25:25)
  • Micala’s ROI measurement for each team member and how it supports the life she wants. (28:58)
  • The ah-ha moment that Micala had for her to understand why it’s important to invest in high-cost hires. (30:35)
  • The best way to keep your freelancers and contractors with your company as your company and their business goals change. (34:30)
  • The two things freelancers and contractors wish that business owners would stop doing. (45:17)

About Micala Quinn:

Micala Quinn is a wife, mom, online course creator, podcaster, and work at home enthusiast. Her mission is to revolutionize what it means to be a working mother. Micala’s online course is designed to launch working moms into the freelance world prepared, confident, and ready to make their mark.

To date, more than 1200 moms across the country & world have enrolled in Overwhelmed to Overbooked. In late 2018, Micala launched the Live Free podcast to spread her freelancing method and mission throughout the world. With more than 100 5-star reviews, the podcast has surpassed 80,000 downloads.

When Micala does jump off her WAHM soapbox, you can catch her walking to the park with her kiddos, making cookies, or watching a rerun of Friends for the millionth time with her cute husband, Colin.

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In this episode, we talk about Micala’s hire form. You can use this form to connect with the freelancers and contractors that have packages that fit your needs without having to spend HOURS searching countless websites or filtering through endless Facebook comments and messages from unqualified candidates.

Access the hire form here:

Next Steps:

Are you overwhelmed by work and ready to hire help?

You’re stuck in the cycle of having enough work to be successful but not enough time to serve all your clients AND grow your business.

You know you need help, but you’re not sure what help is worth your investment. 

You need the three-part method for finding the right team member who will save you time and earn you more by getting the right work off your plate.

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