How to Have Clarity on Who to Hire and Why

with Mitch Gray

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 103


Before being able to run a good business, you first need to learn how to be a good boss. Taking on a strong leadership role helps mold the basic structure of your company. It will determine what hires work well within your team and how they will work within their roles.

As Mitch Gray highlights, you simply reflect your own experiences and if you don’t know how to do something then you must learn. The best way to prepare your team for success is to begin with yourself first. This episode explains where to start and how to lead your team through this new territory.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • The importance of designing a strengths-based culture.
  • How to have clarity on who to hire and why.
  • Learning to hire based on alignment and presence versus job descriptions and hard skills.
  • Where to find great people that fit well within your business.
  • The value of growing as a leader.
  • How to set up new hires up for immediate success.

About Mitch Gray:

Mitch Gray has combined over two decades of experience as a former pastor, life coach, entrepreneur, community developer, and creator to develop a brand of leadership that is at its deepest level- human.

Taking his heart for inspiring others and his passion for empowering leaders, Mitch creates the space needed to consider a new way of leading.

Mitch is the creator and host of The Mitch Gray Show podcast, author of How to Hire and Keep Great People, highly regarded speaker, and leadership consultant.

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