How to Create Loyal Workers in High Turnover Fields
with Ken McGarrie

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 105

Working in high turnover fields makes it difficult to not only keep team members, but also manage those people effectively in a short time frame.

Ken McGarrie takes us through the entire process of both creating and maintaining loyal workers in this turbulent environment. From the beginning of assembling the right team to then working on communication strategies, we hear numerous tips on team building. He even shares valuable tactics for combating dilemmas that arise with high turnover.   

About Ken McGarrie:

Ken McGarrie is the cofounder of Korgen Hospitality, a nationwide consulting firm dedicated to helping restauranteurs reach their absolute potential with effective leadership and maximum profitability. For the past two decades, he has helmed many successful restaurants, bars, and entertainment-based venues with a relentless focus on anticipatory service, staff empowerment, and attentive hospitality. Ken has helped launch new concepts and train hospitality leaders throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • How to locate and effectively interview quality candidates
  • How to determine warning signs before it’s too late
  • The top communication blunders that guarantee high employee turnover and how to avoid them
  • Tips on how to salvage each and every negative review
  • Ways to make sure online reviews don’t leave a stain on your business’e reputation
  • Ken’s effective interpersonal tips for making sure all your employees can work together in harmony

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