Why Hiring for Cultural Fit Might be Hurting Your Company

with Aleia Walker

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 109


The way that most people think about cultural fit is incorrect. If you want your work environment to be diverse then you have to look beyond the process of hiring and beyond how most people define cultural fit.

True cultural fit is about values, it’s about matching the flow of the business processes and customer expectations. When you hire right for cultural fit, team members feel included and heard which is of utmost importance for long-term retention of diverse employees.

Aleia Walker takes us through the tactical errors maybe businesses make when they hire for cultural fit.

As Aleia shares, “you cannot pour from an empty well.” Instead, examine the problem and recognize how you can be the most impactful business leader without causing harm to yourself or others by getting the right people on your team – not the team members who pull your energy during business hours but you’re happy to grab a beer with after work. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • Why just hiring for diversity won’t solve problems within your team.
  • How to avoid performative actions when creating a diverse environment.
  • What does hiring for a cultural fit look like.
  • Why trying to serve everyone is actually going to bring more harm to your business.
  • Why placing your company’s values in job postings can help find the right candidates.
  • How to balance scheduling holiday breaks in an environment that has different people celebrating numerous occasions.
  • How to hire for skills that will further your business.

About Aleia Walker:

Aleia is the founder of Mojito Marketing Agency, an evergreen marketing agency and The Hill Creatives, a directory for Black Creatives. This year The Hill also launched the Roundtables, on-demand DEI trainings for small business owners.

Between these two brands she works with clients to create and implement marketing strategies that honor a client’s values while achieving profitability.

When she’s not knee deep in spreadsheets, creating data-backed marketing strategies, or campaigning for social justice, she’s probably talking herself out of buying plant number 38 (who am I kidding, she’s probably already bought it) or sipping a single barrel 14-year old rum.

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