Why It’s Important to Plan for a Team Before You Have One

With Amanda Evans

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 11

For many things in business, planning is the key to success. This is very true when it comes to hiring a team for your business. To ensure that you hire the right team for your business growth plans and that you can get team members up to speed quickly, it’s essential to plan for a team before you have one.

That is exactly what our guest Amanda Evans did. She knew that she wanted a business that was bigger than her and started planning for her team very early in her company. Nine months after Tight Ship Bookkeeping was open, she was able to hire her first two team members. Now she has a team of five.

Today, Amanda is sharing with us how she prepared her business to have a team and how her business goals.

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About Amanda Evans:

Amanda Evans is a 3rd generation St. Petersburg, FL native who created Tight Ship with one goal in mind: To create a simple, streamlined, outsourced bookkeeping solution that allows her clients to concentrate on growth.  Her model utilizes streamlined workflow management, document hosting, and the latest technology to keep your books up to date.  She views herself as a partner with her clients, employees, and community.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why Amanda planned for her business to have a team well before she was ready to hire. (2:05)
  • The steps Amanda took so she could seamlessly train her first two employees when her business was only nine months old. (3:59)
  • How Amanda overcame her fears of delegating and began trusting her new team members to do the work that supported herself and the clients. (6:57)
  • Why you shouldn’t be glued to your process and allow your team to be innovative in their roles. (9:40)
  • Amanda’s team structure and why part-time, remote employees are best for her business (13:36)
  • The trigger points in Amanda’s business that showed her it was the right time to hire each one of her employees. (15:42)
  • How having a team saves Amanda time even though she’s managing a team and checking their work. (21:13)

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