Are You the CEO or Just a Worker in Your Business?

With Rebecca Kay

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 111

Often people get stuck being a worker within their very own business. As time progresses, it becomes even more necessary for one to take on the CEO role in their company. This can be overwhelming and uncomfortable, but as Rebecca Kay shares, it will allow more room for growth.

Rebecca highlights how the greatest obstacle your business could face might be yourself. Becoming a result-oriented leader is an essential step to no longer holding yourself back.

About Rebecca Kay:

Rebecca is a CEO coach who helps women expand into their full potential and stand out as leaders in their field.

Rebecca has helped women become CEOs through effective planning and execution while creating more white space for them to thrive, without sacrificing the things that matter the most to them.

Rebecca, a mom of 3 including twins, runs her online business alongside her high-pressure corporate job in the largest global audit firm. As a leader in her corporate role, Rebecca leverages her experience to help other women confidently show up as inspirational leaders for their teams while navigating the challenges of being underrepresented as women in their industry.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • What systems you need before hiring a team?      
  • How to take on the role of CEO?
  • Why making executive level decisions is needed?    
  • Where you should start when you want to set up systems in your business?      
  • What are SOPs and why are they a necessity when it comes to delegating effectively?       
  • How to set up SOPs without getting overwhelmed?

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Discover your CEO personality and find out your next best move to get your business prepared for your next dream team hires, so you can get back to making an impact in your business and scaling to the next level of your success. 

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