Lessons Learned From My First Hiring Mistake

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 132


My very first hire ever seemed like the perfect fit. However, it wasn’t. While she checked so many of the boxes I thought I was looking for during the interview, it turned out she was not suitable for the role. 

At that time, I wondered why an employee who seemed so great on paper could be such a wrong hire and how I could avoid the same mistake in the future. It turns out that as a new manager, I had made some of the same mistakes I see business owners make over and over again when hiring.

Learn why my first hire was a bad hire and how you can avoid the same mistakes when you go to hire your next team member.  

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of choosing the right hire?

Are you tolerating a bad hire because you fear trying – and failing – again?

Gain the confidence to hire like a pro.

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