The Benefits of Hiring a Team Before You Go Full-Time in Your Business with Ashley Haywood

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 133


Have you ever thought about hiring a team member who would do more than you in the organization? Or a team member that would make more money?

As a business owner, it can be quick to say no. Why should a person in your company make more money than the business owners, and why would you hire someone to work for your business before you can go full-time yourself?

The reason why you should say yes is that sometimes making these hiring decisions is the fastest way to scale your business.

Ashley Haywood shares how she focused on first scaling her team within her business. After that, she was then able to leave the 9-5 and become full-time in her company. That can sound scary at first, but as Ashley points out it allows for gained insight, improved education, and overall much-needed support, all of that allowed her to scale her business.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • How to use your team as a network of support and mentors
  • Ways to seek hiring help when your business is in the side-hustle stage
  • How to find the right contractors to support you before you’re ready to hire an employee
  • How drinking too much coffee can actually make you less productive

About Ashley Haywood:

Ashley is a mom, wife, and an e-commerce expert. She’s a tea-lover, health nut, and an adventurer. She’s always loved high-end tea, but was annoyed with measuring out loose leaves, cleaning up infusers and sticky honey. She created Embrew lightly sweetened tea bags to make a perfect brew every time so we can all enjoy more tea with less hassle.

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