WhyYou Must Take Time to Onboard Even Expert Employees

With Travis Johnson

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 137

When onboarding experts onto your developing team, it can be easy to assimilate to a minimized training plan because, after all, they are “experts.” Many small business owners fail to realize that regardless of how much one knows, they have never worked for you. This means it might not be as easy for them to translate their skill into how you run your business and what you expect from them without proper training.  

As Travis Johnson highlights, putting time into new expert employees is just as important as training a novice new member.

People need to be onboarded properly if you want your new team member to fully understand their role and your expectations. And this understanding is what is needed for team member success, business growth, and for you to be happy signing their paycheck every pay period.  

About Travis Johnson:

Travis Johnson is the host of the Nonprofit Architect Podcast, Certified Podcast Strategist, and CEO of a Media Production Company. His podcast is #4 in the US in his niche, top 8 in seven countries, and ranked in the top 5% globally. He is the only professional podcaster with an accredited Podcast Course which can be found at Forbes Business School and Belhaven University. His show was recognized in the top 15 veteran-hosted shows by Podcast Magazine. He has hosted both the Veteran Podcast Awards and Miss Crossroads Oklahoma.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • Why prioritization of your business is important
  • Ways to develop your team
  • How each team member’s position impacts the organization
  • Why you must invest time in training expert employees
  • How to avoid setting your team members up for failure
  • How to make your company successful through your team members

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