How to Keep Your Business Secure from Tech Nightmares

with Nate Ginter

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 141


Growing your small business today requires a greater dependency on online tools, especially with increased remote work. But using online tools and systems can put your business at a security risk if you don’t take the right protective steps. This prompts a reliance on security tools and network usage among employees, but where should you even start as a small business?

Luckily, I.T. expert Nate Ginter gives us the ins and outs of setting up your company for IT security success. He shares simple ways to protect your business while also describing tools to make processes more efficient.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • How to know what tools and equipment to give your employees
  • What should you be spending on IT
  • Why passwords don’t matter
  • Why multi-factor authentication could save your business
  • Tips for setting up online security measures for both your personal and business roles

About Nate Ginter:

CTO of Vine IT and a 20-year veteran of the IT and Cybersecurity fields. A native of Pennsylvania who transplanted to St. Petersburg, FL a decade ago due to the lure of “IT at the beach”. A certified project manager and cybersecurity auditor, Nate helps guide businesses of all sized to better and more secure technology workflows.

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