Choose Your Hard: Learn to Delegate or Limit Your Growth

with Brittany Ranew

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 147


“You can’t grow if you can’t let go.”

Letting go of control within your company isn’t always the easiest to do, but it becomes a necessity to progress forward. Learning to delegate and scale your business is essential to keep pushing towards growth. And when you don’t delegate, you create a different set of challenges within your business. 

Brittany Ranew takes us through her process of hiring to best utilize time and tap into new creativity. Hiring should be viewed as an investment and not an expense. The process can be stressful, but with the right tools, the benefits to your company will be significant.  

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to choose your “hard” and figure out what path aligns with you
  • Tips for learning how to scale your company
  • How to pivot in your business in order to meet new needs or changes
  • Why letting go of control can set you up for more success
  • How does having a strong team play a role in scaling your business

About Brittany Ranew:

As a real estate advisor with years of experience, Brittany enjoys helping other families make a smooth transition and fall in love with Tampa Bay as quickly as she did. Brittany moved to the area from Alabama in 2015 with her husband Stephen and their two golden retrievers. She understands that finding the right home is only part of the equation – it’s also important to feel connected to the community. That’s why she focuses on being that bridge for her clients and anyone she encounters. She created a podcast called, St Pete Soul, to help do just that. In the podcast, she talks with local business owners and highlights these businesses that make St Pete so special, helping people fall in love with the Sunshine City!

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