How to Scale Your Business While Still Making a Profit with Carla Titus

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 162


The most valuable assets in your company are money and time. Adding people to your team costs money, but it also can save you the essential time needed for your business to grow. 

Carla Titus gives her expertise on how small business owners can balance these two assets. Knowing when to utilize one for the sake of the other can transform your company and allow you to scale successfully.   

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to know when the right time to hire is and if you can afford it
  • Options for managing your business finances 
  • Advice to start thinking like the CEO of your business
  • What can happen when you don’t actively plan for growing expenses when scaling your company 
  • What are fractional roles and how they can be beneficial to supplying support for your small business
  • Tips on how to take a proactive approach financially in order to hire new people, grow your business, and scale successfully in 2023

About Carla Titus:

Carla Titus is a finance expert with over 15 years of combined corporate financial planning, analysis, strategy, and online businesses experience. She provides fractional CFO services and financial consulting to business owners looking to grow their business profitably. Wealth & Worth Within’s mission is to empower business owners to achieve financial clarity and peace of mind, so that they can get back to what they enjoy.

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Services for business owners:

Annual Budget Planning – Carla’s team help business owners get clear goals outline for 2023 including revenue, cost, owner’s pay and profit. It is a 3hr commitment and they can way away with a comprehensive financial plan for their business before the year starts. 

Professional Bookkeeping Services including cleanup work if they are behind on their Quickbooks Online. Their service start at $300/mo and cleanup jobs will be project based pricing depending on the workload.  


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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of choosing the right hire?

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Gain the confidence to hire like a pro.

At Growing Your Team® we empower women entrepreneurs and leaders to expand their unique businesses by teaching them to master the hiring process. Schedule your free Jump-Start Consultation today.

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