Preparing Your Team So You Can Take a True Vacation with Mary Beth Simón

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 174


Business owners, when was the last time you took a vacation?

A true vacation. One where you did no work or felt the need to check your email. 

If that sounds impossible, it might be because you haven’t prepared your team or your business so it can operate without your daily input. 

In this podcast episode, Mary Beth Simón shares how to prepare your team so you can take a much-needed break from your business. She gives the inside scoop on creating contingency plans and ways to identify your second-in-command. 

Whether it’s a planned vacation or an unexpected absence, your business should be able to operate without you for a period of time. Mary Beth Simón teaches you how to get started with this process.   

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to prepare your team members for authority levels in your company, both with and without you
  • What are some of the first things people should think about when building a contingency plan
  • The difference between personal and business contingency plans
  • Why contingency plans make your team feel more confident
  • Ways to identify your second-in-command
  • Why investing in your process is vital

About Mary Beth Simón:

Mary Beth guides business owners to create contingency plans that prepare them and their teams for the unexpected or an extended vacation. 

She is the CEO of Niche Partnership Consulting and a national conference speaker.

She believes continuous learning is the fountain of youth and became a certified Les Mills BodyBalance instructor after retiring from 30+ years at Vanguard.

She’s a rescue dog mom, and in her free time, she’s active in her local business community.

Mary Beth is on a mission to show you how to keep money flowing into your business while you’re away.

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