The One Thing Missing in Most Conversations About Scaling and Growing Businesses

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 176


Whether it’s conferences, courses, books, or more, there are so many conversations around scaling and growing businesses. Many of these conversations talk about bringing money into your business, which is excellent, but they fail to cover some essential topics. 

Scaling and growing businesses is not just about bringing in more revenue. It’s about building a solid business internally that can support what is needed to attract and deliver the work associated with that revenue. It’s about knowing how to lead and set your team up for success is a vital part when looking to grow exponentially. 

Your company can’t just be focused on earning more revenue or serving as many people as possible. Instead, a healthy business stems from strong leadership and decision-making skills when placing the right team members in the correct positions for the company you have. 

Listen to learn about some of the most common aspects left out of conversations regarding scaling and growing companies. Learn how to focus internally on your company so the numbers can grow externally with the risk of collapsing under the weight of the additional revenue. 

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