Why Grateful Leaders Have Better Businesses

with Jen McFarland

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 18


There are many aspects of being a great leader. One part that we often don’t hear much about is gratitude leadership. Being a leader that shows you are grateful for your team and the work that they do can not only help you retain team members but also help you scale your business to the next level.

Leadership expert, Jen McFarland, shares with us why gratitude leadership is essential for business success, how you can apply it within your business, and how to best use your team to set and achieve strategic goals.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How Jen’s experience in the Peace Corps led her to discover her passion (3:56)
  • What led Jen to create her gratitude leadership method and how it leads to better teams (4:55)
  • How to show gratitude to your team members (7:04)
  • Why we spend more time than we should with our worst-performing team members and why we need to give more time to our best performing team members (10:34)
  • Why giving someone a job and a paycheck is does not equal gratitude (13:49)
  • How you can continue growing trust with your team members and move your business forward during times of uncertainty (17:48)
  • What anticipatory grief is, how it’s impacting most of us, and how to lead through it (22:48)
  • How bringing your team members into your strategic planning will lead to better results (32:03)

About Jen McFarland:

Jen McFarland loves the power of projects, intentionality, and aligned action.

While living and teaching as a Peace Corps volunteer Kazakhstan she realized how much she loved projects. She became attuned to the fact that projects drive everything we do. It’s about listening and learning and creating solutions to the problems nagging us day after day.

After Peace Corps and getting a master’s degree in Leadership and Management, Jen led large-scale public sector projects affecting over 50,000 businesses, handling millions of dollars.

Today, she consults with business owners on leadership, strategic project planning, and digital marketing. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Women Conquer Business. You can learn more at jenmcfarland.com.

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