How to Achieve a Job Post’s Most Important Goal

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 229


Do you know how to achieve the most important goal of a job post? 

The job post is one of the most critical parts of the hiring process. If the job post doesn’t achieve its goal and produce the correct outputs, finding the right candidate becomes a real struggle. 

Most job posts fail to connect with the right candidates. This is because many micro-business owners don’t know how to write a quality job post or are too close to the role’s responsibilities and the culture they created to effectively explain it to someone outside the company. 

On this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, we discuss the goal of a job post and how achieving this goal makes a difference when trying to find your perfect-fit employee. 

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You wrote a job posting for your open position, but will it attract the right candidates?

Candidates are looking for the right fit for their next opportunity, and if they don’t find a connection between their wants and your opening, they will quickly move on to the next opportunity. 

Will your job posting attract your ideal candidate or turn them off?

Let’s find out through a Will Your Job Posting Attract the Right Candidates? Audit

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