Should You Tell Candidates They Would Be Your First Employee?

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 231


You’re finally ready to hire your first employee. You’re excited about making this big step, but at the same time, you’re nervous because managing a team member in your business for the first time will be new. Even if you’ve managed people elsewhere, this is the first time you’re stepping into the manager role with no other leaders to guide you internally. 

The transition might be smooth sailing or a rocky road as you start to delegate and transition your processes to include another person. 

The question is, should you warn candidates that they will be your first employee during the hiring process? Should you tell prospective employees that you have never managed an internal employee within your own business before?

The short answer – transparency is best. 

Listen to this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast and learn why transparency about your promotion to manager is important and how to navigate these conversations.  

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