Navigating Financial Anxiety When Your Business Is Successful

with Kathy Svetina

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 232


No matter the success or growth of their small businesses, many entrepreneurs still struggle with financial anxiety. It can be challenging to decide where to invest money to continue on the desired path or even feel that you have enough money to pay for the people and other investments your business needs.  

Kathy Svetina joins the podcast to help business owners lessen their financial anxiety and decide where their money should be spent for continued success. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • When it’s the right time to bring on a Fractional CFO 
  • What positions business owners should look to hire first 

  • What type of employees are best for the needs of your business 

  • How to figure out both what is and what is not working in your business

  • The importance of balancing cost-optimization and investments in future revenue

  • How to feel more comfortable financially when making hiring decisions 

About Kathy Svetina:

Kathy Svetina helps small businesses with $3M+ in annual revenue build financially healthy and sustainable businesses. She is the founder of NewCastle Finance, a company offering Fractional CFO services to growing small businesses. For nearly fourteen years, she did senior-level financial planning and analysis for Fortune 500 companies. She saw firsthand how big companies use financial information to drive their business forward and she shows small businesses how they can use those same strategies to create thriving businesses. She’s also the host of the Help, My Business Is Growing Podcast and in her free time loves touring castles, which inspired her business name.t

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