How a Team Can Save Your Business When You Can’t Work

with Breanna Gunn

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 34


What happens to your business when you don’t work?

Maybe you’re not working because you’re taking a much-needed vacation. Maybe you’re sick. Or, maybe there is an emergency that takes you out of the office for days or weeks?

Will your business continue to thrive? Will your business even survive?

The best way to answer yes to either of these questions is to hire a team you can trust.

In this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, Breanna Gunn joins the conversation to talk about why having a team is important, how she helps her clients find their perfect-fit team members, and what you need to do if you want to have a team that can function successfully without you.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How being a solopreneur almost led to Breanna losing her business. (1:42)
  • Why you have a job and not a business when you don’t grow a team. (4:57) 
  • The main differences between hiring within a small business and hiring within corporate. (8:39) 
  • How the wrong onboarding processes can lead to mistakes and unmotivated team members. (12:42) 
  • How Breanna helps to ensure her clients continue to have the right team of support in place even after their contract ends. (17:09) 
  • When hiring multiple team members is more cost-effective than hiring one person to do it all. (25:25) 
  • How you can never fully remove yourself from managing your team but what you can do to build a team that allows you not to be involved in it all. (34:36) 
  • How being aware of our shortfalls is one of the keys to business success. (42:33) 

About Breanna Gunn:

Breanna Gunn is an international messaging and funnel specialist, working with business owners and solopreneurs to create messaging that inspires loyalty, momentum, and action that leverages trust, authenticity, and profitability.

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Are you overwhelmed by work and ready to hire help?

You’re stuck in the cycle of having enough work to be successful but not enough time to serve all your clients AND grow your business.

You know you need help, but you’re not sure what help is worth your investment. 

You need the three-part method for finding the right team member who will save you time and earn you more by getting the right work off your plate.

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