When To Stop Rolling With The Struggles And Hire An Expert

with Caroline Wilson

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 42


Have you ever struggled through doing something for your business because you were determined to do it yourself? Did you ever looked back and evaluate all the time you wasted because you allowed yourself to spend your time instead of your money?

The truth is, there will be many occurrences in your business when spending your time costs MORE than spending your money. This is because you are not using that time serving your clients, making products, or focusing on other revenue-generating activities. 

In this episode, Caroline Wilson joins the podcast to have a real and honest conversation about the struggles and achievements she is experiencing as she continues to build the team her two businesses need for success. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why you need to learn to be okay with not being good at everything if you want to scale your business. (4:34)
  • When you need to stop rolling with the struggles and realize that spending your money will cost you less than spending your time. (8:19)
  • Why it’s important to know what you expect BEFORE you hire a team member and how you can figure this out. (12:12)
  • How you’re in control of your business, and you are the one that gets to decide how to put it into market. (18:51)
  • Why advisors can be just as important to your business as paid team members. (23:05)
  • What made Caroline build up her team, what made her later reduce her time in size, and where she’s going next. (27:49)
  • Whether you need two teams if you run two businesses. (43:51)

About Caroline Wilson:

Caroline is the Owner and Principal Consultant at Vireo Research, as well as the Founder and Owner at Hoodie Chew Chew. Vireo Research is a research and strategy consulting firm that works with marketers, innovators and entrepreneurs to make better, faster and more innovative decisions using consumer research and data. And Hoodie Chew Chew, is the only chewable teether that attaches to your hoodie string – for moms, dads and babies, as well as big kids who chew for sensory needs.

How to Connect with Caroline Wilson:

Vireo Research Website: www.vireoresearch.com

Hoodie Chew Chew:  www.hoodiechewchew.com

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