Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Hiring Offshore Team Members

with Austin Epperson

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 44


Have you ever thought about outsourcing work within your small business to offshore team members?

While some small business owners welcome the idea of offshore workers, others try to avoid the possibility. The drive to avoid hiring offshore help is typically routed in unvalidated concerns. 

In this episode of the Growing Your Team Podcast, Austin Epperson is setting the record straight about hiring offshore team members, including language challenges and time differences, and discussing why it might be the right move for your business. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why the worry of a language barrier does not have to be top on your list when hiring offshore support. (4:42)
  • Why you need to hire for the skill set you need and not have a plan to train someone on the core skills – even when you feel bad that the person cannot find a job elsewhere. (8:32)
  • How to handle the time difference when hiring offshore workers. (11:42)
  • Busting the myth that hiring offshore workers means that you get assigned a pool of workers where someone new could be working on your business each day. (16:48)
  • How to form great relationships with your offshore team members even when there is a cultural difference. (20:04)
  • Two questions you must ask your offshore, Philipino team members if you want to build a strong working relationship. (25:35)
  • The type of tasks you can outsource to offshore team members. (37:00)
  • What you should expect to pay when you hire offshore team members and why you shouldn’t feel bad paying based on their local rates no matter how low they seem. (40:09)

About Austin Epperson:

Austin works with ecommerce, SaaS, and venture-backed Artificial Intelligence startups to scale their offshore customer service and data validation teams.

After graduating college, Austin traveled the United States and then the world to find where he could make a unique difference. When he arrived in The Philippines in 2015, he fell in love with the warm people, the need for jobs, and also his now wife.

Over the past five years, Austin has built office and home based teams amounting to over 400 full time hires.

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