How Contracts Protect You When Hiring

with Layne Lyons JD

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 58


Trusting others to help you in your business can be a scary step. How do you have confidence and peace of mind that the relationship you form with your contractors and employees will be a positive one that builds your business?

The answer is setting up strong legal foundations with the right contracts. 

Layne Lyons JD shares how to protect your business, content, relationships, and money through simple and straightforward contracts. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How having a strong foundation allows you to build a business that is predictable, profitable, and drama free. (4:34) 

  • How to ensure the team member you’re hiring as a 1099 team member is really a contractor and not an employee – and why it matters!  (5:48) 

  • What contracts you need, and which side should provide the contract when you hire a 1099 team member. (10:29) 

  • The sections you should include in a contract, including ones that are often missed, to ensure both sides are protected and expectations are clear(13:29) 

  • How to be protected by a contract but not limited by a contact. (20:28) 

  • Why you might want to still create a contract when you hire an employee and why it’s different than an offer letter and offer letter. (28:24) 

  • Why you should hire slow and fire fast – and what it means. (32:48) 

About Layne Lyons JD:

Layne Lyons, J.D. believes that you can’t grow your business from a place of fear. She uses her 26 years of experience as a lawyer to protect women entrepreneurs’ businesses and their peace of mind.

By adding proper legal foundations, her clients uplevel their businesses, welcome more profitable opportunities and soar with confidence.

Unlike many lawyers, Layne uses plain English in all the contracts in her Legal Umbrella Method™. Because she knows that legal stuff is often intimidating and overwhelming, she makes everything simple, straightforward and easy to understand with real-life examples and humorous analogies.

She’s also an avid hiker, a disco dancer and a full-time nomad having visited over 40 countries and counting.

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Protect Your Business Legal Checklist – You cant grow your business from a place of fear and what-ifs. Growth comes from knowing all your hard work and investments are protected.

Book a free call with Layne – Book your Rainy Day Readiness Call to make sure that your business foundations can withstand any storm that comes its way.

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