Why One Company Switched from Contractors to Employees

With Margy Feldhuhn

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 70

Did you build your business through a team of contractors? While it might feel like it’s working, have you ever wondered if and when you might need to switch from contractors to employees?

For many businesses, there comes a time when this move is needed. A few years ago, it was time for Interview Connections to make this move. 

In this episode of the podcast, Margy Feldhuhn shares why Interview Connections switched from contractors to employees and how it saved them money. She also shares the details of her journey as she went from contractor to employee to co-owner of Interview Connections. 

About Margy Feldhuhn:

Margy is the co-owner and CEO of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. Margy and her business partner Jessica, lead an in-house staff of over 25 full-time employees in their (now virtual) Rhode Island office, and have successfully scaled the agency to multiple 7 figures. Their team of in-house Booking Agents are the podcast powerhouses behind a rapidly growing catalog of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and businesses including Ali Brown, Paul Ross, JJ Virgin, Aweber, and USA Financial.

Margy joined Interview Connections in 2016 as a contractor, becoming the first employee in 2017 and acquiring 50% equity in the business by 2018. By 2019, she had helped lead the business to its first 7 figure year without the implementation of any direct marketing or advertising. Interview Connections is projected to hit the 8 figure mark in 2021!

Margy has appeared on dozens of top-tier podcasts like Boss Project and Market Your Genius as a guest expert and thought-leader. When she’s not busy recording her own show, Rock the Podcast, Margy is active in animal rescue, organizing a yearly fundraiser called Art for Animals. In 2019, she was recognized for her efforts with a “Humane Heroes” award. She is owned by her 17-year-old cat and 9-year-old toothless Yorkipoo.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why Interview Connections went from having a team of only contractors to a team of only employees
  • Why many companies misclassified their employees even when they have the best intentions —> Warning! This might be you!
  • How having employees can end up being less expensive than contractors —> even when paying for top benefits!
  • The difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and why it matters when you hire
  • What it feels like to transition from contractor to employee to business owner all within the same company
  • Why you sometimes have to go through emotionally draining activities to create the business you want
  • What it means to vent up and why you need to apply it to your team
  • How we both made the mistake of not valuing one-on-one meetings with our team members 

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