Why I Didn’t Hire Sooner

Behind the Scenes of Hiring: Part 2

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 71


At Growing Your Team, there’s one thing we believe in very strongly that might surprise you. 

We believe that not every business should have employees or long-term contractors on their team. Or, at least not yet. 

Hiring a team member is not a measurement of success. Hiring team members is a result of building a well-structured, successful business.

Business success is making decisions that help you maximize profits and put you on a path for revenue growth. And sometimes, this means staying a business of one even though those around you are starting to hire. 

You need to hire when your business tells you that it’s time to hire – not before and not after. 

In episode 69, I kicked off a series of episodes taking you behind the scenes as I hire our first employee here at Growing Your Team. In that episode, I shared why now is the right time to hire a team member. In this week’s episode, you’ll hear why I didn’t hire sooner and how I structured my business so I could scale without a team until now. As a bonus, you’ll also hear how I determined what my new position should look like and what tasks they would own.  

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