Creating a Realistic and Effective Onboarding Plan

Behind the Scenes of Hiring Part 5

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 77

You selected your new hire; now what?

Next comes onboarding and training!

Just because someone has done a similar role before and has shown you through the interview process that they are capable does not mean that they can jump in and start producing work on day one. You have to teach them about your company and your expectations of them as they master the role. 

In this episode, part 5 of taking you behind the scenes of hiring, you’ll hear about how I created a realistic and effective onboarding plan. One that matched my time availability to train and was designed to prepare my new team employee for success. 

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Where could your business go with a strong team of support to help get you there?

Imagine what goals you could achieve, the time you could save, clients and customers you could serve, and the revenue growth that could happen with the right people surrounding you in your business.

Can you see it?

While you might be able to imagine it, you might not be confident about the steps you need to take to get there. 

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