Stop Resenting Your Employees Who Quit! Here’s Why

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 81


When an employee decides to leave your business, it can bring out many emotions – most of which tend to be negative. You’re left frustrated and wondering:

How could they leave me?

How will all the work get done?

How will this impact my revenue?

Where will I find a new team member?

How can I even trust a new employee when they might also quit on me someday?!?!?!?

While these emotions and questions are 100% natural reactions, you need to be careful. They focus on the negative and can make you resent your employee who left you.

This is not something you want to do!

Listen and learn why you need to stop resenting your employees who quit if you want to continue running a successful business. Also, hear how you can prevent similar situations in the future. 

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