How to Move from Service Provider to Business Owner

with Max Borges

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 82


When looking to grow your business it’s essential to go back to the very reasoning of why you started it in the first place.

Knowing what drives you allows a strong foundation to be built based on strengths you’re already familiar with. Perhaps more important though, is to acknowledge the weaknesses that you have. Building a team around those areas that you may fall short in can create a greater opportunity for advancement in the future.  

Max Borges explains how he developed a sufficient hiring process that changed the way he ran his business, while also obtaining significant financial success.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why hiring people that are better than you could transform your team from a state of mediocrity to expertise.
  • The importance of working ON your business rather than IN your business.
  • The value of looking to hire for attitude and potential before experience and education.
  • Why focusing on your weaknesses might be counterproductive when creating a business that thrives.
  • How to let go responsibilities to other team members and diminish day-to-day reliance on you.
  • How to acknowledge the driving factor of money when seeking financial success for your business and employees.
  • Why paying employees extra for the work they accomplish can prove to be more beneficial to your team long-term.

About Max Borges:

 In 2002 Max Borges started a marketing agency with a laptop on his dining room table. He quickly became overwhelmed with client demands and employee needs. Over the next few years, having studied the habits of business and strategy icons, he developed a strategic approach that allowed him to scale his agency to more than $10 million/year — while making above average profits with happy staff and clients on board.

Max took his agency to a place where it thrives, while no longer needing him to operate it. In a word, it’s Autonomous. Better still, he did it all without ever borrowing a penny.

He now spends his time writing, podcasting, helping existing and aspiring service firm owners adopt his Autonomous approach…and listening to heavy metal.

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