Achieving Triple Bottle Line Success With a Growing Team

 with Monique Allen

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode86



 Hiring is an investment. So…where do you start?

This scary process leaves many open-ended questions due to unstable work environments and the unpredictable events that occur.

 Luckily, Monique Allen breaks down this exact process. She shares how she built her team that looks to recognize and benefit everyone, while simultaneously adjusting to future foundations of business growth. And, she shares how by growing her team, she was able to have triple bottom line success. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to let go of the “what ifs” and grow your team through the uncertainties.
  • Hiring strategies to analyze the growth of team members and future possibilities within your business.
  • The value in moving away from control and embracing command.
  • How to relinquish trust to new team members and how to set up processes to efficiently prepare for change within your business.
  • The importance of never rushing to make decisions and ways to evaluate your options.
  • Ways to build incremental trust bonds within your team in order to lean into struggles that arise.
  • How to allow your team members to achieve greatness independently and collaboratively.
  • Tips to not only finding manual labor, but learning to keep that as well.

About Monique Allen:

Monique Allen is the CEO of The Garden Continuum, an award winning, 7-figure landscape design/build and fine gardening company currently operating debt free and profitable with 20 employees on staff.

She is the founder of the Life-Scape Method for landscape development and the author of the book “STOP Landscaping, START Life-Scaping” which outlines how to imagine and plan a regenerative landscape.

Monique considers her primary job “A Gardener of People” and is committed to nurturing a compassionate business culture that supports her mission to be an eco-friendly company with triple bottom line success.

She is an active business coach in the green industry space specializing in working with business owners to grow their landscape business practices through the development of scalable systems and well-curated and nurtured teams.

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