How to Make Remote Employees Feel Like a Part of the Team

with Michelle Kaplan

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 90


Curating a work environment that appeals to both you and your employees can be difficult. This is especially challenging when you have remote team members.

The unpredictability of the outside world has made many more adaptable to the work that goes on within the inside. Having to adjust to leading a business in this manner is not easy, but with Michelle Kaplan’s expertise, you can learn communication techniques to lead effectively.  

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • How to minimize disruption of change and prioritize psychological safety.
  • The tools to optimize decision making in order to produce the most effective actions.
  • How to have transparency without giving away too much due to constant change.
  • The key to being an effective leader through communication.
  • How to create a dynamic culture with team members who are working remotely.
  • Ways to analyze employee productivity through both remote and in-person positions.
  • How to decide what type of positions are right for your organization.  

About Michelle Kaplan:

Michelle Kaplan is Founder and CEO of Burst & Fleurish, a consulting and training firm specializing in Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development. By leveraging her 30 years of HR experience and 15 years as a Coach and Trainer, Michelle helps her clients of emerging and established executives maximize their authentic leadership abilities to harness and impact their organization’s people, productivity, and profitability.

Specific areas of focus include emotional intelligence, change management, creating and sustaining high performance teams, effective decision-making, and increasing psychological safety at work.

Michelle is also a published author with her two books of poetry recognized as Amazon’s Top Hot New Releases for Inspirational Poetry. Michelle incorporates her poetry in her Coaching practice and Leadership Development training classes.

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