How to Help Team Members Grow Within Your Company

with Ryann Halo

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 98


“Just because someone is great at what they do, doesn’t mean they are great for you.” This is one of the most important ideas to consider when trying to create the right roles in your business and finding people that elevate those positions. Going beyond this though, how do you develop room in your company where your employees feel valued?

 Giving opportunities for team members to grow can prove to be beneficial for everyone involved. Ryann Halo shares how she was able to achieve this room for growth and where to start. Longevity within your business begins and ends by reinforcing your core values. Everything comes back to your “why” behind this lifestyle choice and upholding that vision will take your company to the next level.  

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • How to create new positions and actually start growing your team.
  • Different ways to plan for retainment of team members.
  • How to make team members feel valued and ultimately want to stay working for you.
  • How to protect yourself when you need to while still having the flexibility to lose members who don’t align with your vision.
  • Creative ways to show your employees the limitless opportunities they have to grow and explore within your business.
  • How to manage a team that is in multiple locations.
  • Why taking the time and effort to bring team members into leadership positions is worth it.

About Ryann Halo:

At the age of 21, Ryann Halo founded the now multi-location, 7 figure company “Salon Halo”. The Salon Halo company is known for its culture, continuing education, and personal development program. Now, with 10 years in business, Salon Halo has received many industry awards and accreditations. It is named one of the top 200 salons in North America. Salon Halo’s success is largely attributed to its involvement in the community and giving back.

Ryann however, never intended to work in the beauty industry. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she reluctantly went from honors student to high school dropout. At just 16 years old she then signed up for Paul Mitchell School of Tampa. Ryann chose to turn that potential setback into an opportunity. Through personal development and self-study, the company grew rapidly. Today, Ryann is no longer working as a stylist and focuses on growing her company and other professionals. She specializes in leadership and business development. She is passionate about using her life lessons to help teach and inspire others.

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