From part-time admin to executive leadership positions, we can help you find your ideal team member.

You already run a successful business, and you’re at the point of scaling up to the next level.

The opportunities for growth are there, but so is the overwhelm, the lack of time, and the decision fatigue.

You may have a team already, or you realize now that you can’t do all the things you want to do as an entrepreneur if you continue solo.

The team you envision will be a valuable asset to the future growth of your company — you want to fill those roles with the right people, right skills, and right relationships to set your team up for strength and growth in the future.

You know hiring is the next step for the growth you seek. What you aren’t sure about are the steps to take to get you there, where you’re going to find the time, or how to navigate the challenges that are marking hiring this time different than before. 

That’s where we come in.

Our passion is helping you grow your business through growing the right team.

High-achieving small business owners hire Growing Your Team® to help them through the hiring process with hiring process education, support, and full-service recruiting.

Schedule your Hiring Jump Start call where we will discuss your hiring needs and see if Growing Your Team can help you achieve hiring success. If we’re not the best fit, we’ll direct you to the right next step or refer you to the best resources.


Hiring Document Creation

For the business owner who understands the hiring process but wants help preparing for hiring success.

Growing Your Team® takes the lead by getting you started with the H.I.R.E. Framework and writing you an ideal candidate attracting job posting and two custom interview guides. In addition, you receive an advertising plan so your opening gets in front of the right job seekers. You then take these items and execute the rest of the H.I.R.E. Framework independently. 

Investment – $997

Hiring Consulting

For the business owner who is new to hiring and wants to learn how to navigate the process with ease.

The process starts with Growing Your Team® creating your custom hiring plan. Then, we guide you step-by-step through the H.I.R.E. Framework as you increase your hiring knowledge and execute each step with ease.

We help you learn how to hire right with one position so you can hire with confidence every time your business adds a new employee.

Investment – $3,500

Full-Service Recruiting

For the business owner who has hired before but no longer has time to do it on their own.

Let Growing Your Team® take the bulk of the work off you’re plate as we execute the H.I.R.E. Framework. Growing Your Team leads the process of sourcing applicants and completing first-round interviews to identify the best candidates who are worthy of your time. You then complete the final interviews, make your selection, and welcome your new employee in less time than doing it on your own.

Investment – $6,000

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The H.I.R.E. Framework

H – Hiring Details

Together, we will narrow down what tasks to delegate to your new hire so you’re not working in reactive mode. We then dig into the precise criteria your ideal candidate needs to have to be the best fit not only for your position but for your company as a whole.

I – Initiate advertising plan

Growing Your Team creates your detailed job posting and a customized advertising plan to bring in perfect-fit candidates for your review.

R – Review process

Quickly identify which candidates are worthy of your time using your custom resume review guide. Then you’ll use the interview guide created specifically for your position to uncover if each candidate has both the skills and personality to be your ideal team member.

E – Expectations for success

Once you’ve hired the best candidate, we’ll make sure your onboarding plan is as efficient as possible so you can set your new hire up for long-term success.


“Meeting with Jamie and discussing what I need, she was able to organize my thoughts and create a clear list of what specifically I am looking for in my next hire. It’s not about titles, it’s knowing specifics of what I needed help with. I’ve been wanting to hire someone for over a year and with Jamie’s guidance I was able to feel confident enough to hire someone within 2 weeks! Thank you so much, Jamie, for your support, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you!!”


Calm and Colorful

“Once again, I want to thank you so much for your help. I was getting a bit overwhelmed for a hot second just glancing at the resumes and then I pulled up your Candidate tracking and WOW was it helpful. It made it very clear on why I was approving or rejecting an applicant. Thank you again for your hard work with this. Having the tools in my back pocket was the best decision and wow, I feel so much more confident.”


The Photo Bus KC

“Hiring Jamie was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. Her HR background was the piece that made me say this is the person I need helping me. Making sure that I’m hiring employees, the right ones, and creating procedures to make sure that everyone is on the same page. She was there to push me and hold me accountable to the tasks that I wanted done. Thank you, Jamie, for pushing me to be a better small business owner.”


Full Torque Fitness

The Hiring support and guidance you need to find your perfect-fit team member with ease.