Overwhelmed by work and ready to hire help?

You’re stuck in the cycle of having enough work to be successful but not enough time to serve all your clients AND grow your business.

You know you need help, but you’re not sure what help is worth your investment.

You need the three-part method for finding the right team member who will save you time and earn you more by getting the right work off your plate.

Ensure the right hire!

Find the perfect team member who is going to positively impact your business. Hire the person who is going to grow with your company and make your life easier.

Confidently assign tasks!

Follow the simple three-part method to plan out your new team member’s to-dos. Be confident you are assigning the right tasks to move your business forward.

Save time now!

Save time now as you search for your new team member. Plus, gain time to keep growing your revenue (and profit!) because you have the right people on your team.

Meet Jamie Van Cuyk

After leaving a successful corporate career to follow her entrepreneurship dreams, Jamie quickly learned that many business owners had no or minimal experience hiring employees.

With ineffective teams being one of the top reasons businesses fail, Jamie felt inspired to help companies overcome this challenge and succeed.

Today, drawing from her over ten years of leadership experience, Jamie teaches her clients how to master the art of hiring.

On a personal side, Jamie lives in St Petersburg, FL, with her husband and two daughters, loves to travel, is a home winemaker, and enjoys exercise that takes her feet off the ground, including rock climbing and aerial dance.

Jamie Van Cuyk, Small Business Constultant