Master the art of hiring.

Bespoke hiring frameworks and comprehensive guidance for women entrepreneurs.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of choosing the right hire?


Are you tolerating a bad hire because you fear trying – and failing – again?

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Did you know…

Businesses are set back an average of 16 weeks for every bad hire they make.

74% of employers admit to having hired the wrong person for a position.

The average cost of a wrong hire is at least 30% of that  person’s first-year salary.

Gain the confidence to hire like a pro.

At Growing Your Team® we empower women entrepreneurs and leaders to expand their unique businesses by teaching them to master the hiring process.


I believe that you should feel confident to build a team that loves your business as much as you do.

But too many creative women entrepreneurs learn how to hire well through trial and error.

You don’t have the time, money, or energy for that.

You don’t have to struggle through the hiring process or tolerate bad hires because it seems easier than trying again.

Instead, you need a simple, foolproof system that allows you to make the right hire the first time, every time.

“Prior to hiring Growing Your Team, we really struggled with where to post jobs, how to draft the perfect job posting, and how to screen candidates, which led to significant hiring delays. Hiring Jamie took all of that frustration away. She was able to step in, get a really good idea of what we were looking for in just a short amount of time, and handle all of those things we struggled with. It is great only getting the candidates who had been screened for our positions and determined by her to be a good fit. That really helped us focus on the important parts of hiring while also not taking much time away from our normal everyday workload. With Growing Your Team on our team, the decision to hire is no longer a struggle. We can simply hire when we need more people and not worry about who is going to handle all of the details that come along with that.”


Collaborative Planning Group

“Prior to hiring Growing Your Team, I struggled with the process of hiring leadership-level team members. From the job description, compensation structure, interviews, and onboarding, I was very overwhelmed and lacked time to execute. Jamie was referred to me by one of my most trusted colleagues as a resource who could potentially help me solve my hiring issues. Not only did Jamie solve my issues, but her process also went above and beyond my highest expectations of how much help could actually be provided. With very little effort from my end, Jamie brought me qualified candidates, helped me through the hiring process, and ultimately ensured success with a rock-solid onboarding strategy. Needless to say, Jamie will be integral to my hiring process as my company continues to grow! 10 out of 10 would recommend the full recruiting package.”


ReBuilt Meals

“Meeting with Jamie and discussing what I need, she was able to organize my thoughts and create a clear list of what specifically I am looking for in my next hire. It’s not about titles, it’s knowing specifics of what I needed help with. I’ve been wanting to hire someone for over a year and with Jamie’s guidance I was able to feel confident enough to hire someone within 2 weeks! Thank you so much, Jamie, for your support, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you!!”


Calm and Colorful

“Once again, I want to thank you so much for your help. I was getting a bit overwhelmed for a hot second just glancing at the resumes and then I pulled up your Candidate tracking and WOW was it helpful. It made it very clear on why I was approving or rejecting an applicant. Thank you again for your hard work with this. Having the tools in my back pocket was the best decision and wow, I feel so much more confident.”


The Photo Bus KC

“Hiring Jamie was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. Her HR background was the piece that made me say this is the person I need helping me. Making sure that I’m hiring employees, the right ones, and creating procedures to make sure that everyone is on the same page. She was there to push me and hold me accountable to the tasks that I wanted done. Thank you, Jamie, for pushing me to be a better small business owner.”


Full Torque Fitness

Become a confident leader who hires right every single time.

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