Master the Art of Hiring While a Recruiter Runs the Process

Small Business Employee Recruiting

You are ready to grow your team, but not only is knowing how to navigate the hiring process feels overwhelming but finding the time to hold interviews seems impossible.

With a Full-Service Small Business Employee Recruiting package, you get a bespoke hiring framework, comprehensive guidance so you can select the right hire, and a hiring pro that takes most of the recruiting work off your plate.

What Does This Mean?

You can focus on your business while we lead the process to find your ideal hire.

How it Works

Step 1: H - Hiring Details

Together, we dive into your hiring needs. It’s simple. We ask the questions, you provide the answers, and then our team creates the hiring strategy that will find your perfect-fit employee.

Step 2: I - Initiate Advertising

We take the lead to post the bespoke job posting, that speaks directly to your ideal candidate, on relevant job boards. We take on all the work to source highly qualified candidates. 

Step 3: R - Review Process

We review each resumes quickly and complete initial interviews while you focus on your business. We provide you the top candidates which you interview before we help you select the right new hire. 

Step 4: E - Expectations

The process doesn’t end when your ideal hire says yes. Together we create a custom onboarding plan that gets your team member up to speed quickly without monopolizing your time.

“Prior to hiring Growing Your Team, I struggled with the process of hiring leadership-level team members. From the job description, compensation structure, interviews, and onboarding, I was very overwhelmed and lacked time to execute. Jamie was referred to me by one of my most trusted colleagues as a resource who could potentially help me solve my hiring issues. Not only did Jamie solve my issues, but her process also went above and beyond my highest expectations of how much help could actually be provided. With very little effort from my end, Jamie brought me qualified candidates, helped me through the hiring process, and ultimately ensured success with a rock-solid onboarding strategy. Needless to say, Jamie will be integral to my hiring process as my company continues to grow! 10 out of 10 would recommend the full recruiting package.”


CEO, ReBuilt Meals

“Prior to hiring Growing Your Team, we really struggled with where to post jobs, how to draft the perfect job posting, and how to screen candidates, which led to significant hiring delays. Hiring Jamie took all of that frustration away. She was able to step in, get a really good idea of what we were looking for in just a short amount of time, and handle all of those things we struggled with. It is great only getting the candidates who had been screened for our positions and determined by her to be a good fit. That really helped us focus on the important parts of hiring while also not taking much time away from our normal everyday workload. With Growing Your Team on our team, the decision to hire is no longer a struggle. We can simply hire when we need more people and not worry about who is going to handle all of the details that come along with that.”


CFO, Collaborative Planning Group

Jamie Van Cuyk, Small Business Constultant

We value your time as seriously as you do, and we deliver results with excellence and efficiency so you can spend your limited time on worthy candidates.

We build a plan tailored to your needs and desires, not the other way around. The entire process is centered around your ideal hire.

Jamie Van Cuyk, Small Business Constultant
Jamie Van Cuyk, Small Business Constultant

We build a plan tailored to your needs and desires, not the other way around. The entire process is centered around your ideal hire.

Jamie Van Cuyk, Small Business Constultant

Our ultimate goal is your total autonomy in confident hiring. We provide guidance at each step so you know you’re taking the right steps and making the right decisions.

Need the Details?

Here’s what you get with Full-Service Small Business Recruiting


Full-Service Recruiting

Growing Your Team completes the following actions throughout the process:

  • Posts and advertises the job
  • Reviews all applications
  • Schedules and completes initial interviews
  • Provides writeups of candidates
  • Coordinates second interviews based on your availability
  • Leads candidate communication during the interview process

One Bespoke Hiring Strategy

  • Research on job title and compensation
  • Custom job posting
  • Initial interview guide - used by Growing your Team)
  • 2nd interview guide - used by you
    • Includes what to ask and the purpose of the questions based on your hiring needs
  • Additional hiring process documents as needed

One Custom Onboarding and Training Plan

  • Training based on your availability
  • Overview of projects and assignments the new hire can complete during training
  • 30, 60, and 90-day goals based on the training schedule

Unlimited One-on-One Support

  • Support through the entire hiring process
  • As needed meetings via phone or Zoom
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • 30 days of onboarding guidance

Hiring Process Training

  • Guidance and training throughout the process
  • Answers to your questions when you need them


  • Leadership and Sales positions - $10,000
  • Individual Contributor positions - $8,000
  • Admin and select Part-time positions (excluding part-time sales and leadership roles) - $6,500


  • Payment plan available

Let us find your new hire while you gain the confidence to hire like a pro.

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