Job Post Template

Write a job post that attracts your ideal candidate.

A job post is an essential piece of the hiring process.

A well-written one will help you find your new employee, one that clicks with you and your company, with ease.
A poorly written one can lead to a long, stressful hiring process with uncertain results.

Learn how to properly communicate your job opening, brand and values to your ideal candidate.

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What’s included in the template?

1. An overview of the purpose of a job post and how to make it connect to the right candidates.

2. A detailed overview of each must-have and optional section of a job post.

3. A worksheet to help you draft your perfect job post.

4. A template to bring it all together and finalize your job post.

5. Multiple samples to help guide your writing process.

6. BONUS #1 – 10 Common Job Post Errors

7. BONUS #2 – 10 Places to Post Your Job

“Meeting with Jamie and discussing what I need, she was able to organize my thoughts and create a clear list of what specifically I am looking for in my next hire. It’s not about titles, it’s knowing specifics of what I needed help with. I’ve been wanting to hire someone for over a year and with Jamie’s guidance I was able to feel confident enough to hire someone within 2 weeks! Thank you so much, Jamie, for your support, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you!!”


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“Once again, I want to thank you so much for your help. I was getting a bit overwhelmed for a hot second just glancing at the resumes and then I pulled up your Candidate tracking and WOW was it helpful. It made it very clear on why I was approving or rejecting an applicant. Thank you again for your hard work with this. Having the tools in my back pocket was the best decision and wow, I feel so much more confident.”


The Photo Bus KC

“Hiring Jamie was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. Her HR background was the piece that made me say this is the person I need helping me. Making sure that I’m hiring employees, the right ones, and creating procedures to make sure that everyone is on the same page. She was there to push me and hold me accountable to the tasks that I wanted done. Thank you, Jamie, for pushing me to be a better small business owner.”


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One of my first clients HATED the hiring process. It stressed them out, and they dreaded having to post an opening because past hiring ventures led to either no candidates or only unqualified candidates.

This time we were working together, and the first step was to look at their current job posting.

The problem was clear. 

The job posting they had been using was short, vague, and hardly described the position. So much information was missing, including essential requirements that were non-negotiable.

A new job post was created using this exact template, and within 48 hours, multiple highly qualified candidates were received, and one was hired within a week. 

The next time company growth led to the opportunity to add a team member, that business owner was excited. The right job post took them from overwhelmed to confident.

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