Email Templates for the Hiring Process

Your communication with candidates during the hiring process sets the impression people have about your company. It makes people want to work with you, and it can also help rejected candidates still walk away thinking it was a positive experience.

Stop worrying about what to write and send emails that confidently and clearly communicate to candidates without either of you getting weighted down by unneeded details.

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What’s included in the guide?

Twelve email templates across the three main milestones of the hiring process. Each is designed to help you navigate different scenarios you might encounter throughout each phase of the process.

You’ll learn how to:

1. Properly request an interview

2. Confirm an interview so the candidate is prepared to show up when and as expected

3. Reject a candidate easily and respectfully

Email Templates for the Hiring Process
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Many of my clients want to know what to say when communicating with candidates throughout the hiring process.

They want to set a great impression while being clear and informative and not overwhelming the candidate with too much detail

To help these clients feel confident with their communication, I created a list of standard, canned emails. These are the same email templates I use when hiring for Growing Your Team® and when recruiting for clients. 

Each email in this document is designed to inform the candidate and inspire the needed action while respecting the job searcher.

When clients started using the templates, they no longer had to think about what to write each time. It saved them time, allowing them to schedule interviews quicker, focus on the right candidates, and make sound decisions without worrying about how to communicate with candidates who were not getting the job.

Now, you can get the templates and take the stress of what to write off your plate as you navigate the hiring process. 

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