Why You Need HR Support Starting with Your First Employee

with Dana Dowdell

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 200


Many small business owners overlook HR as a necessary resource because they have only a few employees. However, this puts a lot of risk and liability on your organization.

Having just one employee is a reason to seek out HR guidance.

This doesn’t mean you need a full-time HR team member. It means having an HR expert in your corner to help you ensure you’re making the right decisions and setting your team up on a successful runway. 

In this episode of the Growing Your Team Podcast, HR expert Dana Dowdell discusses why small business owners should seek HR support early on to be proactive and build reliance. She also shares how ignoring HR support could be detrimental to your business.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to set expectations early on in your company 
  • Why money can’t be the only motivator for your employees 

  • How HR can step in to make your recruiting, onboarding, hiring, and interviewing process more robust 

  • What Fractional HR means and when it’s the right option for you 

  • Why a proactive HR approach is essential compared to a reactive approach

About Dana Dowdell:

A (self-proclaimed) HR fanatic, Dana is not your typical HR consultant. Known for her fresh take on Human Resources and the small business, Dana is the founder and owner of Boss Consulting HR, an Expert Coach for HR professionals, and spearheads two different podcasts – Quirky HR & It’s Just Business.

But she couldn’t stop there. A fierce advocate for mentorship, Dana is also a part-time professor at URI and ECSU teaching the next generation of HR experts. It’s her mission to do away with stuffy by-the-book HR. And instead to tailor to clients’ actual HR needs, values, & culture. Most of what Dana does is from the ground up, and she’s no stranger to telling it like it is. Her approach to the realities of Human Resources is what sets her apart. The go-to expert source for everything HR in business, Dana is your gal. A refreshing perspective, infused with a lot of humor and a bit of profanity.

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