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Are you ready to scale your business and turn your big vision into reality? Then, you’re invited to join Jamie Van Cuyk, the owner and lead strategist of Growing Your Team, at one of the upcoming events below.

We cannot wait to see you there!

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Online Events

How to Hire Quality Team Members

August 13th at 10:00 am AZ | 1 pm Eastern

Jamie Van Cuyk is partnering with the KNOW Tribe to teach you how to attract the right people for your team. During the masterclass, you’ll learn:

– How to attract quality candidates
– How to save time by quickly identifying the right people to interview
– Why you need to remove emotions from hiring decisions

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Small business hiring, Jamie Van Cuyk, Growing Your Team

Babe Talk | Manage Your Professional Relationships Like a Boss

August 20th at 12 pm Eastern

A huge part of having a successful business is building & maintaining relationships. This goes for our clients, team members, vendors & suppliers, and more.

Jamie is going to be covering:

*How to be clear & concise from the start of any professional relationship

*Setting expectations when hiring team members

*Providing feedback in a constructive & helpful way

*And more!

You’ll also have the chance to ask Jamie any burning questions you have. All attendees will receive a replay link within 24 hours after the live talk.  

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Small business hiring, Jamie Van Cuyk, Growing Your Team

Women|Future Conference

November 12th and 13th

The Women|Future Conference encourages engaging connections, professional and personal development, and health and financial wellness through keynotes, educational sessions, and networking.

From aspiring business professionals to entrepreneurs to executives, this evolving event features movers and shakers like you, looking to cultivate their tomorrow.

Jamie will be speaking as part of the Sustainability: How to Make Your Small Business Stand Out in the Crowd panel.

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Women|Future Conference

Growing Your Team Free Community

Jamie goes live in the Facebook group every Monday at 10 am Eastern to discuss a topic around hiring or managing a team.

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In-Person Events

Know Tribe Summit

November 5th-7th 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona

Jamie’s Session Topic: When to Hire, Outsource and Grow

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If you are looking for an expert to speak to your conference audience, podcast audience, or business group, contact Jamie today.