How Putting Your Employees First Creates a Better Customer Experience with Jon Howard

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 131


Having positive customer experiences begins at the root of your business. Each and every team member you hire has an impact on your customers and, as a result, your team members become an essential part of the success rate of your company.  

Jon Howard is a top producer in his industry, and he is the first to admit that his office’s success is due to his team.

Jon joins the Growing Your Team podcast to share his experience growing his team. In the episode, he outlines the beginning steps of hiring new members that complement your skills. Jon also gives important ways to prioritize your employees and make them feel valued, even in an industry that runs 24/7, and how these actions can produce even more positive outcomes for your business.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  •  Ways to utilize technology that allows for greater work productivity

  • Why communication is key to growing your team

  • How to detect your weaknesses so you can find team members that balance your workflow

  • How to learn how to give your teams the breaks they need in an industry that’s always going

  • Ways to attract highly talented team members for hard to fill positions

About Jon Howard:

Jon Howard is Tampa Bay’s Home Loan Expert! He is ranked in the top 1% of all originators in the nation according to the Scotsman Guide. He leads a small team of very talented Loan Partners, and provides excellent rates, quick closings and great customer service. Jon is a graduate of University of Tampa, where he met his wife, Paige. They have 3 kids ages 5 and under with another on the way! When Jon is not working, he is usually changing diapers and playing with his kids. One day he and Paige will have a social life again.

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On all of Jon’s VA Loans, they pay for the appraisal and order it on day 1! It is how they can guarantee a 21 day close and save the veteran money!

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