How to Navigate Brand-Focused Dress Codes With Your Employees with Angela Foster

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 218


Dress codes – should you have one? How strict should they be? How do you address the issue when an employee doesn’t meet the standards without offending the team member? 

With so many questions, it might seem easier to forgo setting a dress code entirely. But did you know that your company’s dress code is a vital part of your culture? Setting standards around how your team should present themselves allows your brand image to be established fully. Even more, it can be empowering instead of restricting when done right.  

Fashion executive Angela Foster joined the Growing Your Team podcast to discuss how to set a dress code that is an extension of your brand, how to communicate what is acceptable to your employees, and what to do when team members are not following the rules. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How do you define your brand’s style in a way that encompasses the entire company
  • How dress code expectations at the time of hiring
  • The biggest disconnects you see team members making as it relates to communicating the company brand through style
  • How to coach your team about what it means to show up professionally and on-brand for meetings, videos, client interactions
  • How virtual backgrounds can make or break trust (spoiler: skip the fake background)

About Angela Foster:

With over two decades of executive experience in the fashion and beauty industry, Angela Foster specializes in empowering high-achieving petite women to exude confidence by curating a wardrobe tailored to their unique needs. Angela’s clients consistently show up self-assured, whether it’s during keynote presentations, high-stakes board meetings, or daily life, all thanks to a meticulously curated wardrobe that works with their short-girl status, accentuates their body shape, and reflects their personal style.


Angela’s expertise has been featured in Real Simple and BestLife, inside of leadership coaching programs, and on podcasts including Wingnut Social and Liz on Biz. Whether it’s through DIY or personalized style coaching, Angela makes sure her clients never again find themselves paralyzed by the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” dilemma.

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