Four Common MistakesThat lead to a Toxic Workplace

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 35

The last thing you want to hear your team members say is that your place of business is a toxic workplace.

Why? Because, when your team members enjoy working for you, they are more likely to produce higher quality work and will stay a part of your team longer.

However, many small business owners make mistakes from the moment they go to hire a new team member that leads to a toxic workplace. These mistakes are common but easily avoidable.

In this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, Jamie shares the four common mistakes that lead to a toxic workplace, and her experience encountering each of them when she was an employee.  

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • What caused Jamie to almost give up on her desire to become a business owner. (1:33)

  • Why you need to remember that you hire team members to complete a specific job, not just to add more hands to your company. (4:00)

  • Why each new team member must know what they are getting into before they are hired. (6:34)

  • How guiding your team members to the right expectations produces better long-term work. (7:33)

  • The worst thing you can do when you think a team member made a mistake. (13:07)

  • Why you must understand the real difference between employees and contractors before you hire either. (18:41)

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