How to Select the Right Direction and Team to Scale Your Business

with Kristen Westcott

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 68


It might sound cliche, but it’s true. What got you here won’t get you there.

As your business grows, you have to adjust how you do things and who supports you if you want to keep it moving in a profitable direction. 

But what do you let go of, and what do you add? Who do you hire, and how should you adjust positions from one hire to the next to match your changing business?

This is exactly what Kristen Westcott helps scaling business owners figure out, and in this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, she’s sharing her best tips. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to reduce the chaos that is often felt when hiring your early team members. 
  • Why most people can’t easily tell people what they do on a day-to-day basis and how it makes hiring hard – and why this isn’t just a small business problem. 
  • Why you cannot always reuse job postings when you’re refilling a position – and why that’s a good thing! 
  • Kristen’s tips for how to identify what you should let go of and what you should focus on when you’re business grows because not every action is going to produce valued results.
  •  The number one way to determine if you should scale your business through one-to-one or one-to-many services, and why you MUST plan for any transition. 
  • Why your process must change as you scale your business. 

About Kristen Westcott:

Kristen Westcott is a business growth and systems strategist who has spent the last decade in the legal and education fields supporting leaders and students in the areas of goal setting, productivity, and project management.

After recognizing her true passion lies in serving entrepreneurs, Kristen honed her skills as a Director of Operations. She quickly noticed that what was holding many business owners back wasn’t a lack of drive or ability, but a lack of foundational systems that could support the day-to-day operations of a scaling business.

These days, she spends her time helping online coaches, copywriters, and course creators scale without the frustration that massive growth often brings.

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Next Steps:

Being an entrepreneur is such a rewarding experience, but it can also be really challenging. There’s just so much to figure out all.the.time and!

Kristen created her Focus Framework to help you narrow down what specific areas to focus on according to the business phase you’re in (and what you can worry about later).

When you download your free focus framework, you’ll:

  • Break down exactly what strategy, structure, systems, and support you need for your specific business phase.
  • Learn what you should be doing every day to grow your business to the next level.
  • Get your priorities straight.
  • Stop wasting time once and for all.

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