How a People-First Mindset Build Better Teams

With Kerry Guard

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 80


Building a new team can be nerve-racking, especially when attempting to determine who will be the right fit for your business and contribute in the necessary ways.

However, maybe the traditional, analytical way of constructing employees to fit rigid business models is causing more hindrance. Deciding to value your employees’ needs can make the work environment more dependable and allow team members to want to be engaged.

Kerry Guard shares her shift in leadership to this people-first logic in the workplace to establish stronger teams and even higher productivity.   

About Kerry Guard:

Kerry Guard (she/her) is COO of MKG Marketing, a digital marketing agency that helps tech and healthcare brands be found online through transparent, measurable digital marketing. There, she has grown the agency into a powerhouse through her driving philosophy, that a work-life balance is far more than just a pretty idea, and is instead something that can be achieved systematically and efficiently in a way that keeps employees (and clients!) accountable.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

    • Kerry’s steps to developing a people-first work environment and why it’s never too late to make the change!
    • How to create policies that are actually effective within your business and how to determine the right time to enact those.
    • The limitations that exist when looking to contract-to-hire vs utilizing a trial period for employees.
    • How to diminish the risks of your business being taken advantage of.
    • Kerry’s tools for measuring accountability of employees and how productivity trends can allow for an improved relationship among team members.
    • Why it’s important to recognize impacts of both real life and work life on your employees’ engagement within the business. 

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