Learning to Conduct Better Interviews

with Chris Pinault

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 15


**Bonus Episode** Chris Pinault is back to talk about how to learn how to conduct better interviews. 

Back in episode four, Chris briefly told us about one of the things he did to learn how to become a better interviewer. His process included going to job interviews with the intention of learning and not because he was hunting for a job. 

This comment left Jamie with many thoughts, good and bad. 

In this episode, we’re hearing more about Chris’s experience, and we’re both sharing our tips and opinions on how to learn to conduct better interviews so you can make better hiring decisions.

Listen Now:

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why Chris decided that going on interviews was the best way to learn how to conduct better interviews (2:35)
  • How must people (including me!) start off with no idea on how to conduct an interview (4:51)
  • Chris’s two ways to learn how to conduct interviews and why it’s important to know what you want out of new hire before you interview a candidate (5:47)
  • Why “Tell me about a time…” interview questions are better than “How important is XYZ to you?” (8:28)
  • How a plan and a template of questions is important to uncover the right information during an interview (12:19)
  • Why a candidate telling you that they need a job is a red flag (19:41)
  • Jamie’s true reactions to hearing that Chris went on interviews for learning and fun and how you can avoid wasting time as you interview candidates for your open positions (24:16)

About Chris Pinault:

Chris Pinault is the owner of Centric Leadership, a people-centered training and development company located in Saint Petersburg, FL. Chris is a certified coach, trainer, facilitator, and strategist that helps people gain massive traction on their most important work.

His mission is to help people live a life ‘of purpose on purpose’ while developing more servant leaders in the world. He maintains service and empowerment as his highest values and is highly involved with the community and local charities. Chris facilitates many events engaging others to grow personally, professionally, and to build more positive human relationships.

Some of Chris’s other hobbies include meditation, the outdoors, photography, lifelong learning, and saying “hello” to random strangers. Chris can never resist a conversation about concepts and theories, loves to shift people’s perspectives, and has always loved the word ‘Awesome’.

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