How You Might be Treating Your Contractors Like Employees with Sophie Robinson

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 153


Are you treating your contractors as employees?  

If you’re not well-versed in the difference, it can be easy to cross the line and treat your contractors like employees. Doing so can not only put you into legal trouble but also harm your relationship with your contractors.  

Sophie Robinson shares the importance of knowing the difference between the two terms and gives us ways to distinguish the treatment of these titles. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to navigate conversations with clients when there’s is visible pushback 

  • How to communicate your needs effectively 

  • Why part-time employees might be a good fit for your company 

  • Can turning contractors into your employees be beneficial 

  • How to set realistic expectations of team members based on their title

About Sophie Robinson:

Sophie is a Planner turned Virtual Assistant for Wedding Pros with a decade of experience in the wedding and events world. Sophie has managed resort events, corporate teambuildings, weddings, pool-side family trivia, conferences, and tradeshows – which is why she started her VA business for event professionals specifically. She helps her clients behind the scenes to meet their goals, streamline their day-to-day, & focus on what they love most!

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