Consistency Is Not More Important Than Having a Great Employee

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 187


When trying to grow a business, people are often drawn to the idea of consistency. Whether with process or people, a feeling of accomplishment comes with knowing things are functioning without creating a new plan every day for every action. 

While consistency is essential, the drive to keep things the same and not deal with change can cause more problems in the long run, especially when it comes at the cost of having top-notch employees. 

Too often, people fall into the trap of thinking that having any employee is better than the effort it takes to change employees. Usually, this results in keeping underperforming employees on the team and convincing yourself that their work is “good enough” so that you don’t have to rehire and train. 

Consistency is great. But consistency with great employees is ideal.  

Listen to this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast to learn why you should always prioritize great employees. 

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