How Employee Reviews Can Increase Retention Rates

with Steve Rosen

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 198


Employee reviews are something many small businesses overlook. Whether it’s a lack of time, the dread of providing feedback, or no HR department to enforce the process, completing a formal review process often gets pushed down the to-do list.

However, reviews can be very beneficial. Not only do they give time to discuss employee behavior and achievements, they can create a safe space for team members to express their concerns, build relationships, and improve the work environment. 

Steve Rosen joins the Growing Your Team podcast to explain strategies for implementing effective employee reviews in your small business and how they can be used to retain critical staff members. His methods allow companies to build an impactful foundation where team members can thrive.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why employee reviews are important 
  • How to use employee reviews as a way to retain team member 
  • Why creating a safe space for your employees to provide feedback could help your business in the future
  • How to take proper action from the information gathered from your employee reviews 
  • Why waiting to uncover information in exit interviews is often pointless 

  • How often employee reviews should happen

About Steve Rosen:

Steve Rosen’s passion and excitement over his entire career is coaching and mentoring Leaders on how to effectively integrate an HR Talent Strategy with their Marketing and Sales efforts so there are the right people on staff to support the additional projects that are generated. 

Parts of the Hiring Process Steve specializes in:

✔️ Candidate Search “Makeovers” to uncover hidden talent

✔️ Coaching Hiring Managers on how to be successful and compliant during the Interview Process

✔️ Linkedin and other Social Media Profile Coaching for “Best Place to Work” Branding

✔️ Comp Negotiation strategies to land “prize candidates”

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