How to Grow Your Business with the Right Financial Team

with Andrea Jenson

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 54


When you start to outsource tasks within your small business, who should be among your first key hires?

If you want to scale your business, financial team members, like a bookkeeper, should be one of the first hires on your list. 

In this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, Andrea Jenson shares how hiring the right financial team is essential for business growth and how those team members can quickly pay for themselves. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why a bookkeeper should be the first key hire you make for your business. (3:54)

  • Why a bookkeeper is an essential hire even when your revenue and expenses are recurring and seem basic. (4:30)

  • The number one thing that leads to 70% of business owners overpaying on their taxes. (8:50)

  • The positions you need to add to your financial team if you want your business to thrive. (9:51)

  • How your numbers can tell you when it’s the right time to expand your team, so you can hire forward and not be scrambling from reactive hires. (11:13)

  • How you can use your numbers to make fact-based decisions and not let fear hinder your business growth. (15:18)

  • Why sometimes, it’s 100% needed to pay your early team members more than you are taking home. (19:36)

  • The costs you need to consider when you add an employee to your payroll. (25:18)

  • The financial signals that it’s time to bring in each person of your growing financial team. (33:10)

About Andrea Jenson:

Andrea Jenson is the Founder of The Cash Flow CFO – the entrepreneur’s solution to confidently running their business based on facts, not emotions, providing virtual CFO services, bookkeeping & tax support to small business owners.

Andrea has had an affinity for numbers from an early age, and prior to opening her firm ran the accounting departments for some of the largest companies in the world.

Today Andrea’s goal is simple: to give business owners a simpler way to understand their numbers.

Andrea and her team help their clients implement financial systems and processes that allow for empowered decision making, to help entrepreneurs scale their business to the next level. Their modern, boutique approach provides well thought-out, practical financial solutions, designed to help entrepreneurs run & scale their business with confidence and clarity.

Andrea is a wife, mother, soccer player, and passionate volunteer who spends her free time helping kids with cancer thrive, and shelter dogs find their forever homes.

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