How to Grow Your Business With A Remote Team

with Cheale Villa

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 115


Having a remote team can bring up many challenges. However, creating a dynamic team in the online sphere can be made easy when you know what to look for as you expand your team.  

Cheale Villa shares her greatest tips on building a business with a strong foundation. From the start of the hiring process to keeping contractors long term, we discuss all the necessary pillars needed for your business to succeed with a remote team.  

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • How to deal with conflicts with contractors
  • How to keep loyalty strong with your contractors and make them feel valued
  • Why creating a culture of appreciation and equality within your company can contribute to longevity
  • The importance of maintaining your brand culture
  • Ways to navigate the interviewing process
  • Tips to keep your brand culture intact

About Cheale Villa:

Venture down the rabbit hole and take a look behind the curtain to the visionary behind bi-coastal branding agency, Visual Caffeine, Cheale Villa. She’s not just the CEO, but also the Visionary Rabbit behind her agency where authenticity is paramount, and clients are challenged to take a branding journey that pushes them to dig deep and get a little uncomfortable. It’s through this creative process that the true essence of a client’s brand is uncovered, and they can really find their identity which is the core of all great marketing.

For over 22 years, Cheale has worked exclusively through her branding agency to help clients find their voice in an overly saturated marketing realm. With her post-collegiate roots in design, her branding branches began to evolve and flourish as she paired her creativity with her culture-centered compassion. Since Visual Caffeine’s creation in 1998, Cheale has grown her business into a branding powerhouse with a portfolio of business clients of all sizes and industries across the United States. Those who work with Cheale and her team begin the process in such a way that a mutual understanding of integrity, inclusivity, and honesty is at the forefront. It’s this respective quest that keeps Cheale, her team, and her company in clients’ minds long after their projects have come to a successful end.

In 2021, she began her 1:1 coaching services focused on the solo-preneur and small business owners under her personal brand ‘cheale x’. Partnering with them to claim their CEO seat, silencing the stories that hold their business back and keep them from building an authentic brand.

Cheale resides in Ballard, Seattle with her husband, daughter in college and their zoo of dogs, cats and fish. When she isn’t in her dedication to elevate small businesses, she enjoys movies, reading, working on her personal fine art and writing.

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